Good Medicine, Good Business…Synergy

Good Medicine, Good Business…Synergy
Let Synergy Manage Your Medical Billing
  • Timely submissions and update reports
  • Reduce payroll expenses and HR headaches
  • Downsize office space and associated staff costs
  • Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Data is secured in a central repository with daily backups
  • Monthly detail billing reports



Welcome to Synergy. Professional Billing Services

Synergy provides medical billing services to doctors across diverse medical specialties.  We understand that, aside from attending to your patients, there yet remains the challenge of managing your practice.  While we don’t claim to do it all, we certainly can help you when it comes to managing your patient accounts.

We understand practice management and all of the challenges it poses. We know that, as a physician, you core competency demands that you focus your time on providing the best care possible for your patients. Yet, you are equally challenged to pay close attention to the operation of your practice—managing the administrative and financial staff and resources that are necessary to keep the doors open.

That’s where we come in. We can help you increase your cash flow, increase you net income, and decrease your expenses. 

If you are frustrated with the challenges of managing staff and find yourself spending more time diagnosing the health of your practice’s finances rather than the health of your patients, we have the right prescription for you.  Call us at 888.788.0384 or email us at for more information. 



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